'Ministry of Space' and 'Aquaman' art, Lapham & Sienkiewicz on 'Batman,' 'TSSTG' preview and more photos from CCI: September 3rd Comic Wire Wrap

[Ministry of Space #3, Page 7]For a long time now fans have been waiting for the third and final issue of Warren Ellis and Chris Weston's "Ministry of Space." Now, we could give you all the details on why there's been such a long delay, but all of that has been gone over countless times and we'd much rather focus on when it will be published. Today, Warren Ellis shared a little something with subscribers to his Bad Signal mailing list that should please "Ministry of Space" fans. Warren included the artwork you see on the right by Chris Weston plus the following quote.

"From 'Ministry of Space' 3. We're working on it. We'll tell you when it's done. But we thought you'd like to see what we're doing."

Remember that thing about patience being a virtue? Sounds like it's going to pay off shortly.

Also in the patience being a virtue category, DC Comics sent CBR news the following artwork from Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason's upcoming run on "Aquaman." CBR News spoke with Pfeifer back in August about "Aquaman" where you learned something about what his take on the character will be like. Now that you've read what Pfeifer had to say, take a look at what Gleason has cooked up for you.

So, we all know that Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's tenure on "Batman" is coming to a close shortly and that following their exit we'll see Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso on "Batman" beginning with October's issue #620. What about what happens after they're done?

According to a post over on the Comic Book Conventions Web site, veteran artist Bill Sienkiewicz revealed during a panel at the Atlanta Dragon*Con that he and writer David Lapham ("Stray Bullets") would be the new creative team on "Batman" following Azzarello and Risso's. Sienkiewicz said that he's already begun on art for the series.

Because we obviously like sharing purty artwork with you so much, Tom Beland shared with CBR News a five page preview of the sixth issue of "True Story Swear To God" due in stores next Wednesday. Click the images below to enlarge.

CBR's coverage of the two major conventions this year, those being Comic-Con International and WizardWorld Chicago, included our daily photo parades. We brought you around 300 pictures total from the convention floor that included creators, fans and those who like to attend the convention wearing costumes. We love those pictures and know you all do to based on the traffic and comments they generate. Mark Evanier pointed out a site over on his blog that we think you all might enjoy. Click on over to the Linus Lam Network News CCI 2003 report for hundreds of photos from the convention that features some fantastic costumes, some which we got, some we missed.

Knowing how much running around one does to get the pictures, Linus Lam, or whoever took those photos, deserves a round of applause. Those costume wearing folk move fast!

[Comic Book Idol]Finally, don't forget that your chance to vote on the Round 3 contestants in Comic Book Idol is right now! Click on over to the Comic Book Idol Forum, check out the art from each of our contestants and then place your vote! Polls will remain open until Thursday at Noon Eastern Daylight time, so get cracking!

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