Minions, Gru Live On In <i>Despicable</i> Follow-Ups

In news that surprises no-one, the success of Despicable Me means that a follow-up is already in the works - as well as a spin-off.

In the middle of a profile on Chris Meledandri, the man behind the company (Illumination) that made the animated hit, Deadline Hollywood reveals not only that Despicable Me 2 is already being planned, but so are a spin-off series of shorts:

Illumination is also making two short films featuring The Minions, the adorable yellow thumb-shaped henchmen of larcenous Gru (Steve Carell). Whether the shorts precede the next Illumination film — which would be very Pixar-ish — or find some other way to reach the audience, Universal and Illumination have begun brand building in a remarkably short time.

Understandably, as well; the Minions have an everyman appeal not seen in animated movies since the aliens from Toy Story... Here's hoping they don't get run into the ground in a similar manner.

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