Mind Over Matter: The 15 Most TERRIFYING Telekinetics

Telekinesis is the ultimate superpower, and we dare you to object. It's like having all the strongest powers at once: flight, invulnerability and super strength, all without moving a muscle. Telekinetic heroes and villains can throw tanks and destroy cities with a single thought, which is why they fit right at home in the pages of comic books. Superheroes and villains with telekinetic abilities are pretty much a staple of comic books, especially amongst the ranks of the X-Men, though you can find these mental masters in both Marvel and DC comics; heck, there's quite a few psychic manga characters, too.

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Mind over matter can be a dangerous power indeed, which is probably why it seems so hard to control. Most telekinetics in comics go through a lot of seen and unseen training to hone their powers. The mind is like a muscle after all, and for telekinetics, it's the strongest of them all. Telekinesis is an awesome power, and if you had it you can't lie that you'd have a heck of a lot of fun with it. That's part of the reason why we decided to gather up all these supreme "physical" psychics for the 15 most DEVASTATINGLY powerful telekinetics in comics.

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The giant exposed brain is such a classic look for mental-powered supervillains isn't it? You could say that Psimon is pretty clear-headed right? Bad word play aside, as Psimon's name and displayed brain imply, he's a rather powerful psychic. Created by George Pérez and Marv Wolfman, Psimon was originally a physicist named Dr. Simon Jones.

Funnily enough, the origins of Psimon's powers actually have connections to another psychic on this list: Raven. While experimenting with interdimensional communication, Simon was contacted by Trigon, Raven's father, who used his powers to give the scientist immense psychic powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Joining up with the Fearsome Five, he began going by Psimon, becoming a members of the Teen Titan's rogues gallery. While his appearance in Young Justice implies the villain is better at telepathy, he is still a telekinetic powerhouse.


Contrary to what you might think, Mento's power is not in fact to make things fresh... We're so sorry for all these puns. Regardless of his candy-like name, Mento is a member of the Doom Patrol who is also known for his depiction in the Teen Titans cartoon. Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, Steve Dayton was so infatuated with Elasti-Girl that he used his vast wealth to build a helmet to increase his latent mental abilities. The helmet gives Steve telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, clairvoyance, the list goes on.

Taking the name Mento, Steve's attempts to woo Elasti-Girl worked out in the end, and the psychic hero married his dream-girl, the two adopting Beast Boy as their own after he lost his parents. As a telekinetic, Mento is rather powerful. Unfortunately, using his helmet would eventually cause Steve intense paranoia and eventually give him dementia.


David Haller, AKA Legion, has a lot more than just telekinesis up his sleeves. Unlike his depiction in FX's Legion, David doesn't have schizophrenia, he has a form of dissociative identity disorder. In layman's terms, he has multiple personalities, but it's not quite a mental disorder. David's mutant power is the ability to absorb the psyche and powers of others into his own brain. This results in all of the personalities he has absorbed fighting for dominance, each bubbling to the surface from time to time.

Another result of this is that whatever personality is in charge of David at the time, David will manifest that person's powers, if they have any. Amongst these personas is one that David has named "Jack Wayne," an adventurer type personality that is gifted with telekinesis. This personality's powerful telekinetic abilities are most likely the psychic power we see David display on FX's Legion.


One of the more obscure characters on this list, Faith is a psychic superhero who served on a substitute Justice League after the original team was sent to the past. Among her psychic abilities, are of course telekinesis, but also telepathy and a "calming aura," which is to say she emits a psychic feeling of trust and confidence that leads her teammates and friends to work well with her.

As a telekinetic, Faith has been seen lifting entire skyscrapers in order to destroy a fleet of alien spaceships. In fact, Faith is so powerful that she was given the name "the fat lady." This is in reference to the line "it ain't over till the fat lady sings," implying that when Faith is called into combat, the situation is indeed dire that such a powerful telekinetic is needed.


Without a doubt, Quintavius "Quentin" Quirnius Quire is the worst student to ever attend both the Xavier institute and the Jean Grey School. He wasn't always that way though. Up until the point his parents told him he was adopted, he was a star student, but after hearing this information, he become a defiant, punk rock troublemaker.

Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, Quentin's bigger strength is as a telepath, using his high intellect and influential psychic powers to affect and manipulate those around him. This isn't to say he isn't a powerful telekinetic, though, since not only has he made a psionic shotgun (similar to the psionic blades of Psylocke), he has also been shown to be a host for the Phoenix in an alternate future. If the Phoenix Force chose him, he has to be pretty dang powerful.


Manchester Black with Wonder Girl and Power Girl

Manchester Black first appeared as the leader of a team of superheroes with a less than stellar moral compass known as The Elite. Manchester was created by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke and first appeared in Action Comics #775. Black was known to have anti-hero tendencies, seeing himself as judge, jury and executioner of anyone The Elite faced. Using his psychic abilities, Black would kill the criminals and villains he fought as a means to prevent them from just breaking out of jail and coming back.

As a psychic, Manchester Black is as skilled as he is powerful. Instead of the usual uses, he has been shown to use his telekinesis in creative and precise ways. In his battle against Superman, he was able to essentially give him a stroke by telekinetically constricting the blood vessels in his brain. Pretty Badass.


The cult anime hit Akira was based on the manga of the same name, written and drawn by Katsuhiro Otomo. The original manga took place over a longer time and had a lot more subplots and side characters to it. The basic plot is still the same: following an accident in the futuristic Neo Tokyo, Tetsuo Shima begins developing telekinesis. As his powers increase, his mental stability deteriorates, causing him to lose control and begin to walk down the same path as Akira, another ESPer that became a telekinetic singularity.

In both the manga and the film, Tetsuo is shown to have devastatingly powerful telekinetic abilities. Not only can he destroy entire city blocks with a thought, but his powers allow him to use junk scraps to replace his severed arm. However, all this power comes with a price, as his abilities would eventually cause his body to horrifically mutate.


After Doomsday killed Superman in The Death of Superman, Project Cadmus sought to create a clone of Superman that would follow their orders. Unfortunately, access to Superman's DNA wasn't exactly easy to get, so Cadmus decided to genetically engineer a human clone to look just like Superman and give him powers similar to a Kryptonian. This came in the form of a bioelectric field that could protect the clone and increase his physical abilities, known as "tactile telekinesis."

While this lesser form of telekinesis would eventually develop into full-blown telekinesis, for the most part "tactile telekinesis" gave Superboy almost all of Superman's basic physical abilities. The psychic field around Superboy protects him from harm and he can extend it to objects he is touching in order to lift and move them as though he was super strong. Superboy can also extend his psychic field to others to protect them.


Hailing from the pages of One-Punch Man, Tatsumaki is the second most powerful hero in the S-Class Rank of the Hero Association. Otherwise known as The Tornado of Terror, or sometimes just Tornado, Tatsumaki is a powerful telekinetic woman with a just as powerful ego. Showing little respect to her peers and coworkers, Tornado is a pretty moody superhero and kind of a brat, somewhat fitting to her child-like appearance (she's actually 28).

As a psychic, Tatsumaki is crazy strong, shown to be lifting hundreds of boulders without breaking a sweat. She can also fly at seemingly supersonic speeds by propelling herself with her telekinesis, create psychic barriers for defense and even bend the very life force of her enemies to immobilize them. Tatsumaki's appearance might make her look fragile, but she's not named The Tornado of Terror for nothing.



The daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers from the alternate future of Days of Future Past, Rachel Summers is not only a powerful psychic, but also one of the various vessels used by the Phoenix Force. Originally serving as a "hound" for Ahab, Rachel was brainwashed to hunt down her fellow mutants. After breaking free of Ahab's control, Rachel joined the mutant resistance, using her telepathy to send Kitty Pryde's back in time to her younger body.

Aside from this powerful telepathic ability, Rachel is also a powerful telekinetic. Not only can she fly, move objects with her mind and send waves of concussive force at her enemies, Rachel is also capable of manipulating matter on a subatomic level. Rachel's telekinetic shields have even protected her against direct swings from Mjolnir. Rachel can even telekinetically alter clothing, create psionic weapons and even rewrite the genetic code of humans.


Cable Time Travel

Half brother to Rachel Summers and son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey clone Madelyne Pryor, Cable is also a powerful psychic. As a child, Nathan Summers was sent to the future to be protected, trained as a warrior and have his techno-organic virus treated. The T-O virus causes Cable's cyborg-like appearance and it is also an example of just how powerful Cable's telekinesis is.

The techno-organic virus that afflicts Cable is an incurable one that will spread all over his body, turning him to metal. However, due to Cable's immense telekinetic ability, he is able to keep the virus at bay. Because his telekinesis is used to fight the virus, he is unable to use it otherwise and instead relies on his combat skills. Regardless, when using his telekinesis, Cable is powerful enough to levitate a city and fight Silver Surfer at the same time.



Raven's powers come from both her trainings/teachings from the people of Azarath as well as the demonic powers she inherited from her father, Trigon. The pacifist spiritualists of Azarath trained Raven to suppress her emotions as a means to suppress the demonic powers that lied dormant inside her. Of her many mystical powers, Raven can sense and alter the emotions of others, project a soul self, read minds and has been shown to exhibit forms of telekinesis.

Raven's telekinetic abilities are not always clearly defined, and the best example we get is in her animated Teen Titans role. In this version Raven's telekinetic abilities are pretty standard, but are made visible by a magical black energy that surrounds whatever she moves with her mind. In the comics, her telekinesis is used mainly for flight and rescue, but is still depicted to be immensely powerful.


Psylocke is one of those generally beloved characters that has a really messy and overly complicated backstory, and yet is still loved in spite of, or even because of her strange, strange backstory. Debuting originally as the second Captain Britain, taking the place of her brother, Betsy Brandt later took on the "Psylocke" identity after getting cybernetic eyes. She would eventually have her mind switched with Revanche, a Japanese ninja assassin.

Psylocke's telekinetic abilities developed after giving up her telepathy, switching out her signature psychic knife for a psionic energy katana, fitting with her newfound status in the body of a ninja. At full power, her psionic katana can cut through nearly anything and can take out enemies much more powerful than her. Further, Psylocke's combat and ninja skills are powerfully enhanced by her telekinesis.


Superpowers Quiz Martian Manhunter

We think it's time to admit that Martian Manhunter is kind of overpowered. Seriously, he's got telekinesis — with already gives him super strength, speed, invulnerability and flight — and he ALSO has natural super strength, speed, durability and can fly. To top it all off, J'onn J'onzz also has telepathy, mind control, plasma beam projection, shape shifting, invisibility and intangibility. Seriously, he has all the powers, it's kind of unfair. Regardless of his OP nature, Martian Manhunter's shapeshifting and psychic abilities seem to be used the most.

J'onn is indeed a powerful psychic, as seen in every comic, TV show, cartoon and video game that he has appeared in. His telekinesis in particular is used for shields, levitating and throwing objects, and is so powerful and precise that the manhunter can manipulate subatomic particles and cells without error. Now that's overpowered.



At last we come to the most powerful psychic mind in all of comics, or at the very least, the most famous. Best known for both her status as go-to vessel for the Phoenix Force and for her ridiculous number of deaths and resurrections, Jean is both a skilled and powerful telepath and telekinetic. Originally appearing as just a telekinetic, Jean has had a long time to hone her telekinetic prowess, part of the reason why the cosmic energy of the Phoenix Force is so fond of her as a host.

Jean's telekinetic ability is more than just moving objects with her mind. Not only does she seem to have no limit when it comes to the number or weight of what she moves with her mind, but she can also feel the molecular texture of objects, using this to control the particles in whatever she wishes to manipulate.

Which telekinetic would you not want to bump into in a darkened alley? Let us know in the comments!

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