Mind MGMT, Flutter TV Series in Development

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Dark Horse Entertainment has reupped its first-look agreement with Universal Cable Productions shortly after Umbrella Academy's Netflix series order. The renewed agreement was first established in 2015 and grants Universal the right of first offer (or refusal) on Dark Horse's television projects. The duo also announced that two Dark Horse series are currently in the works -- Universal will develop adaptations of Dark Horse's Mind MGMT and Flutter.

Mind MGMT, created by Matt Kindt, follows the exploits of a true-crime writer, Meru, as she investigates a commercial airplane flight aboard which all passengers were inexplicably stricken with amnesia. As Meru uncovers the secrets and sources leading to the truth behind the impossible flight, she finds a shadowy network of government agencies and their psychic operatives.

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Flutter, written by Jennie Wood, with art by Jeff McComsey, follows 15-year-old shapeshifter Lilly as she becomes a boy to get the girl she is in love with. In later volumes, Lily returns home to protect her family as her alter ego, Jesse, and eventually shapeshifts into her estranged mother. The series has won numerous LGBTQ awards and accolades throughout its run.

Mind MGMT will be adapted for television by Dan Cerone, co-showrunner on Dexter, co-creator of NBC's Constantine adaptation and executive producer on The Blacklist. Katherine Lindberg and Marc Rosen of Sense8 fame will adapt Flutter for the screen.

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