Mind MGMT #4

Story by
Art by
Matt Kindt
Colors by
Matt Kindt
Letters by
Matt Kindt
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

The first three issues of "Mind MGMT" were bit of a chase, with Meru trying to track down the mysterious Henry Lyme on a trail that crisscrossed across the globe. With "Mind MGMT" #4, Matt Kindt sits Meru and Henry down for the first part of a story that finally explains what the Mind MGMT group is and what it's like to live inside it. The end result? It's pretty fascinating.

It helps that "Mind MGMT" #4 is a big shift from the tone of the first three issues. That's not to say they were bad (they're great) but there's also a limit on how long everyone's going to want to read about Meru trying to find a single person. Kindt has wisely found just the right amount of time for that particular story, before starting to answer the questions that readers have had burning for a while now.

What we get is far more fun than a huge exposition dump should be. The Mind MGMT group ends up being much more powerful than one might have originally thought, with all sorts of different classes and abilities harvested in a school that feels akin to brainwashing institutes. Except in the case of Mind MGMT, of course, they literally can dip right into your mind and move around as they see fit. Some hints about the far-reaching skills of Mind MGMT have been shown in the black and white inside-cover two-page back-up stories by Kindt, but it all settles into a much stronger focus as Lyme tells his story.

There are some nice touches here too, from the location of Shangri-La still being a mystery to the beautiful painted views of China and the jungle. Reading "Mind MGMT" #4 is an immersive experience; Kindt drags you fully into this strange world that he's created, and I love that even though the chase has temporarily halted, there's still a large global feel to the title. "Mind MGMT" #4 is a comic that plunges you all around the world at a moment's notice and it helps make the Mind MGMT organization's reach feel that much more sinister. Kindt draws these different locations beautifully, too; Paris, Iraq, China -- it doesn't matter where it is, Kindt tackles it with aplomb. I also appreciated that readers got to see some of Lyme's actual missions with Mind MGMT; the organization may have a sinister overtone, but it was refreshing to see them also performing some good even if it may be for a much darker overall purpose.

Kindt's "Mind MGMT" #4 is another terrific installment. The series feels fresh and original, I love the fact that we get multiple back-up stories by Kindt in each issue as well, and the hidden messages and clues throughout the book is all the more reason to buy each individual issue. Do yourself a service and read this book.

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