Story by
Art by
Matt Kindt
Colors by
Matt Kindt
Letters by
Matt Kindt
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

Matt Kindt's "MIND MGMT" #2 is one of those books that does exactly what it should after a strong, attention-grabbing first issue; keeps the pace moving quickly and in a fashion that doesn't let you catch your breath until the issue is over. What's impressive is how little Kindt has revealed in "MIND MGMT" and yet how much we've already learned at the same time.

If you missed the first issue of "MIND MGMT," you haven't yet met Meru, the journalist trying to track down the mysterious Henry Lyme, a passenger from a flight who was the only person to not have their mind mysteriously wiped halfway to its destination. In doing so, she's found herself on a strange chase around the globe, pursued by attackers and CIA agents alike.

Any comic that jumps from Mexico to Tanzania to China is certainly reaching for something big, and "MIND MGMT" is definitely succeeding with its grasp. For an issue that's mostly a chase across the planet, it's surprising how much fun this issue is. Kindt keeps Meru just slightly off-kilter so that she never gets time to truly stop and think about what's going on, and the omnipresent narration hinting at more sinister motivations makes that mood sink in all the quicker. As fun as the chase is, though, it's when "MIND MGMT" #2 temporarily stops and lets Meru catch her breath in Zanzibar that things get all the more crazy. Kindt's scene with Meru meeting the unable-to-stop-typing Perrier is wonderfully spooky and creepy, and it's that oddity that makes "MIND MGMT" step out from fun to addictive.

Kindt's dynamite art doesn't hurt, of course. I love the watercolor-over-pencil look that "MIND MGMT" sports; the different washes of colors are amazing, like the pink/purple mixes in the sky at the St. Theresa airport in Mexico, or the orange sky in Zanzibar. Even little details jump out in Kindt's art, like the fruit stand in the streets of Zanzibar, or the wires connecting the rooftops of buildings. It's a dazzling looking book that isn't quite like anything else on the market right now and I can't imagine someone else being able to bring the same feel to "MIND MGMT."

If that's not enough, "MIND MGMT" #2 sports more of the bonus features from the first issue; a historical piece on the inside covers, a two-page case file about the Perrier twins and their unique ability, MIND MGMT Field Guide tips written in the margins and the back cover's fake ad contains the second of six part numerical code that will unlock a secret message online. "MIND MGMT" #2 is determined to give you your money's worth, and it does in spades. "MIND MGMT" is part of the "Dark Horse Originals" line, and I find that apt, because "MIND MGMT" is incredibly original and fresh. Check it out.

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