Milligan & Lafuente Bring Doop to All-New Marvel NOW!

While Marvel's one-word All-New Marvel NOW! teasers have certainly been ubiquitous, there have been none so obvious as the newest image that boasts a new series by Peter Milligan and David Lafuente. The one-word teaser is entirely in Doop Speak, and when translated, spells out the apt description, "Teaser."

It seems as though Milligan, who created the character during his run on "X-Force" and "X-Statix," is set to pen a new series involving the X-Men's oddest member. Doop has recently spent his days working at the Jean Grey School, and made a few appearances over the course of Jason Aaron's run on "Wolverine and the X-Men," even going so far to feature in a one-and-done issue illustrated by guest artist and Doop co-creator Mike Allred.

While a "Doop" solo series is certainly not out of the question, another possibility is that Milligan will return to Marvel to revive "X-Statix." It is, after all, the tenth anniversary of the series' cancellation this year -- though it might be a difficult proposition, considering most of the characters from the series are deceased. But hey, when did that ever stop comics? Either way, the project will mark Milligan's return to Marvel after a stint at DC writing both "Justice League Dark" and "Red Lanterns."

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