Milligan & Fernandez's "The Names" Hits Vertigo in September

Vertigo has announced that "The Names," its newest miniseries project from Peter Milligan and Leandro Fernandez, will debut in September. The 8-issue miniseries (described as "The Wolf of Wall Street" meets "Kill Bill") centers on Katya Walker, a widow who seeks to take on the world of high-end finance run by a cabal of the 1% to discover who killed her husband and why.

"'The Names' is a story about money, it's a story about power. It's a story about one 25-year-old woman who goes up against that money and power: Katya, who's our hero," Milligan told DC All Access. "She was married to a banker twice her age. The opening scene in the book is someone coming in and seeing this banker -- her husband -- and telling him, 'Now you've got to jump out of your window.' He persuades him for reasons we don't know yet to jump out of this 20-story high window. Katya gets news that her husband has committed suicide. She doesn't believe for one minute that her husband's committed suicide. The story becomes her search for the truth: who killed him and why did they kill him.

"Her search becomes her journey into this secret organization called The Names," he continued. "The Names is a financial organization that pretty much controls a huge chunk of the financial world."

While "The Names" was only recently officially announced, Milligan indicated the series was on the way previously in March, in a post on his personal blog. The post also indicated that his series "The Discipline" (announced by Vertigo for its publishing slate in July 2013 alongside "The Sandman: Overture," "Coffin Hill," "Hinterkind" and more) has -- at the very least -- been pushed back to a later date.

"'The Discipline' is now on the back burner but I am writing a new book for Vertigo. This is called 'The Names,'" Milligan said in March. "It deals with the world of high finance (among other things) but in a very bloody, revengeful kind of way. It's also being drawn by the brilliant Leo Fernandez."

Milligan is no stranger to Vertigo, having written a number of acclaimed series for the imprint since its inception, including "Shade, the Changing Man," "Human Target," "Greek Street" and a run on "Hellblazer."

"The Names" #1 hit stores in September.

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