Milligan and McKeever's <em>The Extremist</em> resurrected at Vertigo

Following last month's announcement that they're planning to release older material under the "Vertigo Resurrected" banner, DC's Vertigo imprint announced today that Peter Milligan and Ted McKeever's 1993 miniseries The Extremist will return to print in November. Unlike the first Vertigo Resurrected title -- Warren Ellis and Phil Jimenez's "Shoot" that was originally intended to be published as Hellblazer #141 -- The Extremist was published, but I don't think it has ever been collected in trade paperback form.

According to the Graphic Content blog, the book is about "three ordinary people who succumb to the allure of a mask and a costume and all the power that comes with it, creating a shocking and controversial exploration of the nature of freedom and sexuality." Greg Burgas at Comics Should Be Good! has a great overview of the series here.

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