Milligan and Ewins' 'Skreemer' returns this summer from Cyberosia, preview

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SOMERVILLE, MA - January 15, 2002. Cyberosia Publishing announced todaythat it is bringing SKREEMER, current X-Force scribe Peter Milligan and2000AD artist Brett Ewins' seminal work, back into print.

"SKREEMER is one of the great hidden treasures of the comics canon,"said publisher Scott O. Brown. "When it was originally published in thelate eighties, SKREEMER was years ahead of its time. Peter and Brettcreated a dark, foreboding America scrounging to survive and gave it anunexpected glimmer of hope. SKREEMER is what would have happened ifJames Joyce wrote dystopian graphic novels."

"I had always been into gangster films and sci-fi. So I put the twotogether and came up with Skreemer," says SKREEMER co-creator and artistBrett Ewins. "I also was a huge fan of the film, Once Upon a Time inAmerica, and I wanted to create a comic with the same depth. PeterMilligan was also a fan of the film, in fact, we both saw it for thefirst time together. So I drew all the characters and handed it over toMilligan. I was also working a lot with Steve Dillon on DEADLINEmagazine so we decided to do the job together. All in all it was a greatteam effort, and for it we won an Eagle Award for best UK US series."

SKREEMER will be collected for the first time in one volume. The 176page, full color book will be re-lettered and "digitally re-mastered"with new colors by colorist Christopher Butcher (The ADVENTURES OF EVIL& MALICE, GO GIRL).

SKREEMER will be released this summer, but Cyberosia will offer readersa glimpse of this influential series when it reprints the first issue inblack and white for Free Comics Day. "The time is right to make SKREEMERavailable to a new audience," continued Scott, "and Free Comics Day isan excellent venue to showcase a preview of this long missed series."

Cyberosia Publishing publishes acute horror, science fiction, andliterary graphic novels. Cyberosia Publishing's books are distributed tothe Trade by Biblio Distribution, a division of National Book Network,Inc., 800-462-6420, and are available to the specialty market throughDiamond Comic Distributors and FM International. For more information,visit www.cyberosia.com or email publisher Scott O. Brown atscott@cyberosia.com.

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