Miller's "Ronin" and Ellis' "Ocean" Headed To The Big Screen?

During a press conference for the movie "300" held today in Beverly Hills attended by CBR News, producer Gianni Nunnari was asked if there were any other comic based properties he's considering turning into movies. Nunnari responded that he's working on two different properties. "We are working on 'Ronin,' which is another Frank Miller [book], and we are working with Warren Ellis on 'Ocean,'" said Nunnari. Prior to this press conference, there's been little to no discussion of either of these properties heading to the big screen.

"Ronin" is Miller's first and likely least well known creator-owned work. The series was originally released as a six-issue mini-series in 1983/84 through DC Comics, following Miller's now legendary run on "Daredevil." It has since been collected numerous times. The story follows a ronin – a masterless samurai – reincarnated in a dystopic near-future New York. Director Darren Aronofsky ("The Fountain," "Pi") – who was at one point attached to the feature film adapatation of "Watchmen" – was in the past attached to the film, before moving on to an ultimately unproduced Batman film as well as "The Fountain."

Warren Ellis and artist Chris Sprouse brought "Ocean" to life in 2004, under DC's Wildstorm imprint. The science fiction story is set at a time one hundred years from now and follows a UN weapons inspector investigating the existence of a secret weapon on the Jupiter moon of Europa.

Updated 3:15 PM - CBR News contacted writer Warren Ellis Saturday afternoon for comment, who responded with the following statement. ""The rights to 'Ocean,' as owned by myself and Chris Sprouse, have never been sold. I can only imagine Mr. Nunnari misspoke or was misheard."

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