Bendis Debuts #DCMillenium with Classic OMAC Tease


Ever since superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis joined the DC bullpen, he has kept busy. The scribe took over the reins of Superman and Action Comics, and he is guiding the young superheroes of the DC Universe in both Young Justice and Naomi. He's also about to launch a massive mystery miniseries with the upcoming Event Leviathan.

Now, it appears as if Bendis has his next DC project lined up. For days now, the writer has dropped hints about a mysterious project with cryptic teases on social media. Then, on Monday, Bendis may have finally revealed the project's name with the hashtag #DCMillenium.

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The reveal came with a new piece of artwork by Justice League artist Jim Cheung, which features OMAC fighting against an army's worth of soldiers.

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#DCMillennium @dccomics 6/13

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Bendis' previous online teases heavily involved the Legion of Super-Heroes, which has fans wondering if the writer will also tackle a project featuring the teenage super-team from the future. If that's the case, though, how does OMAC fit into all of this?

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While the Instagram post doesn't offer any more clues, it does feature a date: June 13, which is likely when we will find out exactly what #DCMillenium is all about.

Bendis and Alex Maleev's Event Leviathan #1 goes on sale June 12.

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