Millarworld Brings Reborn to Netflix with Sandra Bullock

The acclaimed Millarworld fantasy series Reborn, created by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo, has officially been picked up for a Netflix adaptation with all-star talent behind the production.

The planned adaptation will be produced by Sandra Bullock through Vertigo Entertainment, the same production company behind the two-part It adaptation. Chris McKay, the director for The LEGO Batman Movie, who had been attached to direct the DCEU Nightwing film, has signed on to direct.

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Debuting in October 2016, the Image Comics miniseries told the tale of an old woman who discovered that everyone who dies are reborn in a dark fantasy world with the forces of good and evil locked in an eternal war. Upon reuniting with her family and friends in this strange afterlife, the woman sets out to find her husband who had died before her.

Millar's publishing imprint, Millarworld, had been acquired by Netflix in 2017 with the prolific writer taking a role to oversee development of adaptations of Millarworld titles while developing new properties for the premium streaming service. This past July, Netflix had released logos for every single Millarworld property it had in development to adapt including American Jesus, Huck, Jupiter's Legacy, Empress and the upcoming Sharkey the Bounty Hunter.

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(via Deadline)

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