EXCL: Millar Unveils Prodigy's Daredevil History With Quitely Variant

This December, Mark Millar's latest Millarworld/Netflix project dares the reader to meet Edison Crane.

Crane is the lead of Millar and Rafael Albuquerque's Prodigy. And when the writer shared an exclusive variant cover for the first issue by frequent collaborator Frank Quitely with CBR, one of the key inspirations for the series became clear.

“I’m obsessed with Evel Knievel," Millar explained. "When he died a weird pang that run like an electric shock to my sixth Christmas and the stunt-bike. That’s when I conceived this scene for what would later become Edison Crane. I knew I wanted to create the world’s greatest stunt-man, and I worked my story back from there. It wasn’t enough that he was Evel Knievel. He had to be Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Wayne and Indiana Jones too. He had to be the ultimate human being.

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"I always write my stories like this, thinking of a visual that excites me, drawing it for a couple of days and then growing the character and situation from that seed. This exact moment is what spawned the whole series and then he just needed to find an adventure worthy of his skill set."

Quitely's cover joins work by Albuqurque and John Cassaday to launch the series' first issue on December 5 from Image Comics. Stay tuned to CBR for a full look inside Prodigy #1.

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