Millarworld launches original content

Official Press Release

Since the beginning, Mark Millar has wanted to set forth some content onhis website that would set it apart from the rest. Before now, thecontent at MillarWorld.biz primarily consisted of its message boards. Mark wanted to go beyond that a bit, and Mostly Wanted, MillarWorld'sfirst foray into the realm of original content, is the end result.

Mostly Wanted takes everything that's special and unique about theMillarWorld forums and builds upon them. Some of the best discussions atMillarWorld have absolutely nothing to do with comics. Likewise, MostlyWanted's best articles will have nothing to do with comics. Instead,they'll focus on other disparate interests that we, the fans, have incommon.

Mostly Wanted will be "published" monthly during the first week of everymonth. We're launching our debut issue at www.millarworld.biz on Monday,November 3, 2003. Throughout that day, we'll be posting a series ofarticles that will introduce the reader to the type of content we're goingto be putting forth in the coming months. The following Wednesday, we'llpublish a few more articles, and we'll close out with a few last ones onFriday, November 7.

Every month's issue will start out with an introductory column from MostlyWanted's editor-in-chief, Eugene Chay, which will serve to inform thereader what the staff of Mostly Wanted has on tap for them that month. We'll have something in the range of three or more features per month,which will be large, in-depth articles that will serve as the meat of ourpublication for that month. The first issue features a retrospective onDr. Who, in recognition of the good doctor's fortieth anniversary and hisimpending re-launch in television form. We're also presenting an articledissecting the themes of free will and destiny as they are presented inThe Matrix trilogy, just in time for the release of the third movie. These features will be accompanied by regular columns. One such columnwill be Mostly Wanted's very own sex and relationship advice columnwritten by Nora G. Her columns will curl your toes and make you purr likea kitten. We also have J.F. Archonis contributing a monthly personalfitness column. He's helped train a few WWE divas. He can certainly whipa few pudgy fanboys into shape. Also, four of our contributors will gettogether monthly and share their ranting -- and oftentimes hilarious --opinions on all matters with us, with topics ranging from the Euro toreality television shows.

There's so much that makes MillarWorld and Mostly Wanted truly unique andspecial. MillarWorld is possibly the finest comics-related message boardout there, and hopefully, the content at Mostly Wanted will measure up tothese standards.

Anyone who wants to contribute an article should feel free to send a250-500 word pitch (together with a writing sample) to the submissionseditor at ed.conley@millarworld.biz. He'll be quite busy in the weeks tocome.

See you over at www.millarworld.biz.

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