Millarworld Gets Personal With "Win Dave Gibbons"

The last time Mark Millar offered up a special promotion for the most copies of a Millarworld series launched in the direct market, a shop in the Philippines won a signing from the writer and hometown hero Leinil Francis Yu for the launch of "Supercrooks" #1. For Millar's incoming "The Secret Service," collaborator Dave Gibbons is helping widen the net for stores who take a chance on the new series.

"Mark and I really do value the support of retailers around the world for our work and wanted to reward them with something unique for the launch of 'Secret Service,'" Gibbons told CBR. "We came up with the idea of giving away all six pieces of original cover art to the six stores that order the most copies. The first issue cover goes to the highest ordering store, the second to the next highest and so on down the line. Each large, black and white, hand-drawn, Bristol board original will be signed by myself and Mark and be suitable for framing, display or, let's face it, eBaying."

"The Win Millar competition went down great last week, and our 'Supercrooks' advance numbers were genuinely nuts," Millar added. "As it happens, these pre-orders are the highest ever on a Millarworld launch, so this year of madness is off to a great start for me and the guys. What's funny is that I assumed the store that would order the most copies would be somewhere like New York or London, but Manilla is a brilliant surprise. We're off there in May, and having the whole 'Supercrooks' creative team signing together is going to be great.

"We're doing big stuff with the launch of all the Millarworld books, and Dave kindly donated all six 'Secret Service' covers to auction now too. The way this is going to work is that the store that orders most copies of the first issue gets the signed #1 original cover, the store that comes in second gets the signed issue two cover and so on. We'll announce the six winners next week. But I'd kill for a chance like this myself. Imagine owning Dave's iconic 'Watchmen' issue one cover? This is your big chance. Good luck to everybody ordering."

Gibbons also offered up an exclusive first look at the final cover to issue #2 of "The Secret Service" to CBR. Of the series, the artist said, "I think people will find 'Secret Service' refreshing and unusual in its content and storyline. We've taken some of the staples of escapist fiction and combined them with everyday life in a way that I haven't seen before. After months of preparation, it's great to have the first issue ready to roll and already getting so much interest. I'm really enjoying the camaraderie and excitement here at Millarworld; working alongside a great bunch of creators on books that we own is just where I want to be."

Look for more information on the story of the series from the artist in the days ahead.

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