Millarworld Gets Cosmic with Millar & Parlov's Sci-Fi "Starlight"

The latest addition to Mark Millar's Millarworld lineup is "Starlight," as revealed Monday by The Hollywood Reporter.

The six-issue miniseries will be illustrated by former "Punisher" artist Goran Parlov and is scheduled to debut in March through Image Comics. Millar described it to THR as the story of a space hero who returns to Earth and a normal life after saving the universe, and is called back for one more adventure 35 years later.

PREVIEW: Millar & Parlov's "Starlight" #1

"It's Buzz Lightyear-meets-'Unforgiven' I guess and I've been motoring through it for months, really having a good time with it," Millar is quoted, also calling the series "Flash Gordon-meets-'The Dark Knight Returns.'"

"Starlight" will be part of Millar's planned "Millarworld" shared universe, along with the previously announced "MPH", scheduled to debut in May.

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