Millarworld Expands in 2016, New "Hit-Girl," "Chrononauts 2" & More

Following yesterday's announcement that he and Stuart Immonen have teamed for a new project at Marvel's ICON imprint, Mark Millar today announced even more 2016 Millarworld projects.

Revealed during a retailer presentation at MCM Comic Con in London and announced online via ComicBook.com, Millar's upcoming slate of projects includes information old and new, along with a few teasers of future announcements and preview art from his and Frank Quitely's "Jupiter's Legacy 2."

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  • As announced previously on CBR, Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy reteam for more time-traveling adventures. The series, titled "Chrononauts 2: Futureshock," is slated to debut in July 2016.
  • Chris Sprouse joins Millar for "Jupiter's Circle 2," which kicks off in November 2015. Plus, you can check out some of Frank Quitely's preview pages from the first issue of "Jupiter's Legacy 2" below; the issue is slated to arrive Spring 2016.
  • In addition to the previously announced, unnamed series Millar has in the works with Greg Capullo, the writer also teased a project in develoment with Jae Lee for 2016.
  • "Hit-Girl" will return for more ass-kicking in 2016, but this time it will be without Millar and John Romita Jr. at the helm. The new series will feature a different creative team, as the character's co-creators step back and watch someone else unleash their vision of the diminutive vigilante on the comic book page. The writer and artist will be announced January 10, 2016.

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