Millar & Romita's "Kick-Ass" Relaunches with Black, Female Lead

When Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass" returns this January, a new black, female hero will rise to take the mantle. Though he didn't reveal too many details about this new character, Millar confirmed that the series will relaunch in a different city with a new supporting cast, in addition to the new lead.

"Kick-Ass" won't be Millar's only returning series. He will also helm a "Hit-Girl" relaunch alongside artist Rafael Albuquerque. Millar will pen the first story arc of "Hit-Girl" before Daniel Way takes over as the series regular writer. Like "Kick-Ass, "Hit-Girl" will launch in January.

"Comics is not short of white males aged around 30; that demographic seems pretty well catered for in popular culture," Millar told The Hollywood Reporter. "I don't think many blonde white guys around 30 feel under-represented when they pick up comic or watch a movie. Being older or younger or female or African-American just seems more interesting to me as a writer because this character is quite unique and opens up story possibilities that hasn't been tried in almost eighty years of superhero fiction. This woman has a completely different take on Kick-Ass."

"Kick-Ass is like James Bond or Doctor Who where with a new face and a new situation and it suddenly feels very exciting," he added. "Every four volumes or so I want a different person in the mask. Sometimes it might even only last a single volume or even a single issue."

Both "Kick-Ass" and "Hit-Girl" will mark the first time Millar's Millarworld imprint has put out monthly titles; previously, his Millarworld series have been printed as miniseries only.

"Kick-Ass" and "Hit-Girl" will go on sale this January.

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