Millar & Coipel's Netflix Comic The Magic Order Debuts Interior Art

In light of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) this weekend, Mark Millar, the prolific comic book writer behind creator-owned titles such as the popular Kick-Ass and Kingsman franchises, dropped some interior art by Olivier Coipel for their upcoming series The Magic Order.

The Magic Order is the first Millarworld title to be published by Netflix since the streaming service acquired the comic book publisher this past August.

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"The easiest way to describe it might be to say The Sopranos meets Harry Potter, a magical fantasy-crime thing. As a kid, I always used to rationalize the fact that there were no monsters (since nobody’s ever seen a monster or caught one on camera), with the idea that there are people who take care of this, and that’s why you never see it," Millar told Entertainment Weekly. "So the idea is there’s a family of wizards who have been around for thousands of years and they take care of bad stuff. They live among us as stage magicians and other eccentric jobs during the day, but at night, they get together and take care of problems."

Millar had first announced The Magic Order this past November as a six-issue series that would follow five magical families that face a dark, supernatural threat endangering all of existence.

In a surprising move, Netflix acquired full ownership of Millarworld last summer, bringing the popular streaming service and entertainment giant into the world of comic book publishing.

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"I think some people have been confused and think we’re licensing the stuff to Netflix. We sold the company outright to Netflix; they own Millarworld 100 percent. My wife and I have both been taken on as Netflix senior executives," clarifies Millar on his new role since the acquisition. "What I do now is I basically create movies and TV shows for Netflix internally. So I don’t create them as comics first, I just create them as stories within their system. I love doing comics, so part of my deal was as well as creating this new content and shepherding the old content over the next few years, I also want to do some comics on top of that, too. I’ll be doing about four graphic novels a year, which is about 20 issues, which is generally what I can do in an average year."

Take a look at some interior art from Millar and Coipel's The Magic Order, below.

The Magic Order will debut in Summer 2018.

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