Millar & Jones' "Wanted" Guns Down The Competition

It's a hit -- and that doesn't mean "an assassination."  From the minds of Mark Millar and JG Jones, the Universal Pictures release "Wanted" raked in $51 million over the weekend. The action movie averaged $16,000 per-theater, and the saga continues overseas, with $33 million from 1,922 theaters in 22 markets.    

"Wanted" is the biggest debut ever for an R-rated movie in June and -- brace yourself -- is the 6th or 7th highest R-rated opening ever.  As was claimed by Brian Michael Bendis at Wizard World Chicago last weekend, "Mark Millar will be insufferable by Monday."

How does this compare to the rest of the summer?  Well, it doesn't take down Disney/Pixar's "WALL-E," which opened with around $62 million, nor the big dog of the season, "Iron Man," which debuted in 4,105 theaters to the tune of $98,618,668 (an average of $24,024/screen).  However, "Wanted" does edge out "The Incredible Hulk's" opening of $55,414,050.  

How will Gotham City's guardian, this summer's other costumed billionaire, fare in this fight?  Check back and CBR News will let you know after Warner Bros.' "The Dark Knight" opens July 18.

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