Millar, Immonen Reveal "Empress" #1 Variant Covers

When Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen's "Empress" arrives in April, the two powerhouse creators will launch the series with the help from a few A-list artist friends.

PREVIEW: Millar & Immonen's "Empress"

Revealed today by The Hollywood Reporter, Steve McNiven, Sean Murphy and Skottie Young have lent their talents to the Marvel Icon series' debut issue, with Immonen pulling double duty with a variant of his own in addition to the standard cover.

"I think all the best science fiction has a very human element at the heart of it and a mother wanting to leave a dangerous relationship is very easy for readers to relate to," Millar has said of the series. "I'm not really interested in high-concept ideas as much as human emotions being the driving force of a story. Even 'Star Wars' was really just a lonely kid who wondered who his real father was."

Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen's "Empress" debuts in April from Marvel Comics' Icon imprint.

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