Millar & Gibbons Team For Mystery Comic

Writer Mark Millar is no stranger to pre-release hype for his comics, but with his next project, the Scottish scribe is looking to bring an all new level of fanfare to the rollout thanks to his latest collaborator: Dave Gibbons.

Shortly after discussing the announcement of his own Kapow! Comic Con this April in London with CBR News, Millar let slip that he will team with the "Watchmen" artist on a new series in 2011 - a pairing that's been in the works for quite some time. "Getting to work with Dave Gibbons is like working with Stephen Spielberg or Jim Cameron," the writer said. "His talent is just on a different level from the rest of us and following in the footsteps of Alan Moore and Frank Miller as his collaborator is daunting to say the least. I wrote to him when I was in high school suggesting we team up on a Shazam project, sending him a five-page, hand-written outline in the hope that he'd like to follow 'Watchmen' by working with, er, me. I still have his letter and I still have the sketch he drew for me when I waited three hours in line for him to sign my 'Watchmen' trade paperback at the age of 17. As you can imagine, I couldn't be more thrilled that we're finally working together on this special project. It's literally a lifelong ambition and I want to make this as great as it possibly can be."

While Millar has been hinting at working with Gibbons for the past few years, the two creators could not find the time to make a full project work until this year - something the artist himself explained had happened slower than he would have liked. "I have absolutely no memory of the young Mark Millar writing to me but I'm pleased I gave him a civil reply, since I've followed the boy's work from his earliest professional days with a growing admiration for his talents," Gibbons said. "Foolishly, I turned down his wonderful Elseworlds 'Red Son,' being busy on other stuff at the time, and ever since have looked for the opportunity to work with him, as much his fan as he ever was mine. I relentlessly bugged my local comic shop owner to tell me whenever a new copy of 'The Ultimates' was expected and have been grabbing all his recent Millarworld titles off the shelf the day they appear. I'm thrilled to be finally working with Mark and to be launching our project in such grand style."

Neither Millar nor Gibbons would elaborate on what the project would be or which characters it would involve, be they company-owned or original works. "I wish we could give details about the character, the company and even the release date, but I'm afraid this has to wait until Kapow! Comic Con next April in London," Millar teased of the show he's running himself on the 9th and 10th of the month. "We'll have several pages from the title itself and will be doing a one-hour panel talking about it. Our run begins in late 2011, but that's all I can say for now. What could it be? Let the speculation begin..."

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