Millar & Gibbons Prep Big Reveal

For Mark Millar, the new comic floodgates are about to open.

Fans of the superstar scribe, who went this past year from Marvel mainstay to full-on independent creator, have been waiting for the details of his incoming project,s from a "Hit-Girl" spinoff series to his next collaboration with Frank Quitely. However, of all the 2012 projects on tap for his Millarworld line of creator-owned comics, perhaps the most anticipated has been the as-of-yet unnamed collaboration with the legendary Dave Gibbons.

The project was first teased last November in advance of Millar's spring Kapow! Comic Con before the whole slate of Millarworld projects were teased at the convention itself. Since then, readers have been wondering when the final word will come. To that end, CBR News has learned that the two creators will unveil what's next this week in the pages of Millar and Leinil Francis Yu's "Superior" #6, which goes on sale in comic shops tomorrow.

The writer provided the following, obscured version of the ad that will find its way to fans hands tomorrow:

In July of this year, CBR spoke with Millar about the building blocks for the dream project and how they also fit in to his ongoing collaboration with "Kick-Ass" and "X-Men: First Class" director Matthew Vaughn. "At the same time, we're launching the book I've waited my entire life to do," he said then. "This is a project with Dave Gibbons and it's got the potential to be the biggest of the lot. Basically, I wrote to Dave when I was at school and begged to work with him. Now, that wish has been granted and we're both working hard on it.

"The main character was something Matthew Vaughn and I came up with -- and he's going to be making this into a movie, as he explained on the X-Men press junket. Usually, I'm the one who spills the beans, and we were both sworn to secrecy on this, but Matthew must have been drunk or something as he gave away a chunk of info that mercifully didn't all make it to the internet. But it's really, really exciting. I'm off to Italy for a short break and then we're getting together to block out the screenplay once I get back home. I don't want to get specific about the project or even the genre, but we're going to announce everything in October. Both 'Supercrooks' and the Gibbons project launch at the same time, so all the real promos will be happening then, too."

Since that time, "Superior" has stayed in the news not just for hitting a quick string of planned release dates in comic shops but also for teaming with the National MS Society in a special promotion surrounding the condition that afflicts many real life fans just like the young character in the series, and for being picked up for a film with Vaughn as producer.

Sound off on CBR's Message Boards with your theories for what lies ahead for Millar and Gibbons, and keep your eyes peeled in "Superior" #6 and on CBR for more news of their next project this week!

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