Millar & Fegredo's "MPH" Speeds Into Hollywood

Mark Millar's latest comics project is also the latest Millarworld property to be optioned by Hollywood.

According to the Heat Vision, Millar and Duncan Fegredo's "MPH," the first issue of which debuts this month from Image Comics, has been optioned for the big screen by Lorenzo di Bonaventura. The project will not be shopped around to studios until a writer has been tapped to script the screenplay.

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"(Lorenzo's) one of the few real moguls in the industry, having hired Chris Nolan for 'Batman' and bought the rights to the Harry Potter books when he was head of Warner Bros. and then of course he's the guy behind the 'Transformers' movies," Millar told Heat Vision. "So he's a guy who really knows how to make huge pictures and he's somebody I've always wanted to work with on one of the bigger Millarworld adaptations."

"MPH" is the latest Millarworld title to head to Hollywood, following "Superior," which was optioned last week by Fox.

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