Millar, Donner Join Siegel House Auction

Dave Lizewski may not be a household name just yet, but having the main character in Mark Millar’s smash hit “Kick-Ass” named in your honor is pretty sweet nonetheless.  Especially, when you consider that the ICON series, co-created with superstar artist John Romita Jr., is now being made into a $65-million movie starring Nicolas Cage and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, better known as McLovin’. 

Comics fan Dave Lizewski earned the naming rights in “Kick-Ass” after winning a charity auction in 2006, and now writer Millar is offering up the same opportunity with his latest creator-owned Image Comics series “War Heroes,” in support of the star-studded, comic industry-fueled online auction to fund the restoration of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel’s boyhood home in Cleveland, Ohio. 

New York Times bestselling novelist and former “Justice League of America” writer Brad Meltzer is coordinating the comics creator items for the auction, and is thrilled to have Millar onboard.  “In the ‘Kick-Ass’ charity auction, comic-fan Dave Lizewski paid a four-figure sum to have the lead character named after him. ‘Kick-Ass’ is now the biggest-selling creator-owned book on the market,” Meltzer told CBR News. “Mark is now auctioning off a chance to be a character in an upcoming issue of ‘War Heroes.’ This is your chance to be the next John McClane, Harry Callaghan or Peter Parker. Bid now and be the envy of your friends forever.” 

A number of studios are already in discussions with Millar and his collaborator Tony Harris to bring “War Heroes” to the big screen.

Meltzer said with one week remaining, the auction already raised more than $70,000.   “In every city I’ve been to, people are throwing in a few bucks, completely unprompted,” explained Meltzer. “This is the week that will decide the extent of the work we do on the house. So even if you don’t bid on the walk-on part in ‘Heroes,’ thanks to all who buy a shirt or donate even ten bucks to the cause. It all matters.” 

Beyond the Millar ‘naming’ item, Meltzer has added even more items for comic fans again this week. The first came from one of you — a CBR reader.   

Original George Perez Artwork — Captain America vs. Batman

Donated by Doug Welch

Description: This 11x17 full-figure illustration by George Perez features a face off between Batman and Captain America. Why settle for just DC or just Marvel character artwork, when you can have both represented in a single beautiful piece drawn by modern age master George Perez.  

This piece was donated by CBR reader Doug Welch. Welch donated the piece after reading about the project right here at CBR News.   

“The Batman/Captain America piece by Perez is awesome. But Doug Welch is the real hero. A fan donating that piece from his own collection was easily one of the kindest moves by anyone since we started,” said Meltzer. 

George Perez Biography: George Perez is one of the most prominent artists in comics.  Perez is best known for his work on the Avengers, the best-selling “New Teen Titans,” the ground-breaking “Crisis on Infinite Earths” limited series, his relaunch of “Wonder Woman” and he will be bringing his signature style to the Legion of Super Heroes in the upcoming “Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds” beginning in August.  

Original Rags Morales Art — Superman and Nightwing Splash Page

Donated by Rags Morales

Description: This beautiful splash page from “Nightwing” #140 (Page 22) illustrated by Rags Morales features Superman and Nightwing. It’s from the first story in an eight-issue arc called, “Freefall.” Perfect for framing, this original artwork of the Man of Steel and the former Boy Wonder is something fans of ‘The Dynamic Duo of Kandor’ will not want to miss out on.

Rags Morales Biography: Rags Morales is a comic book artist best known for his collaboration with author Brad Meltzer on the best-selling DC Comics mini-series, “Identity Crisis.” He has also illustrated such comics as “Turok,” “Batman Confidential,” “Hawkman,” “Justice Society of America,” “Nightwing” and “Wonder Woman.” 

Original Comic Strip Artwork — “The Born Loser”

Donated by Chip Sansom

Description: This comic strip was created specifically for the Siegel & Shuster Society Charity Auction and will be syndicated in 1,300 newspapers worldwide and on the web on September 29, 2008. Since it will be auctioned before it appears in publication, if the winner would like, Sansom will personalize a dedication under the artwork for the winner.   

Chip Sansom Biography: Chip Sansom is a Cleveland resident and comic strip cartoonist best known for his internationally syndicated strip “The Born Loser,” he creates with his father Art.

Christopher Reeve Superman “Dreams” Canvas Gallery Wrapped Original CapedWonder ‘Giclee’ Print

Donated by Jim Bowers, www.CapedWonder.com 

Description: This 16x24 canvas gallery wrapped original ‘Giclee’ print from CapedWonder celebrates the legacy of Christopher Reeve in his role as the Man of Steel, pictured flying towards the heavens. Printed on professional grade ‘Giclee’ photo artist canvas, and stretched on thick, heavy-duty 1-1/2” solid wood stretcher bars with the image wrapped around the sides (in this case solid black). They are also sealed with 100+ year protective UV coatings to enhance and preserve colors, and prevent fading.

Neol Neill/Christopher Reeve Canvas Gallery Wrapped Original CapedWonder ‘Giclee’ Print

Donated by Jim Bowers, www.CapedWonder.com 

Description: Taken on May 14, 1994 at the now historic Dixie Trek Sci-fi Convention in Atlanta, GA. This particular Dixie Trek event is very significant because it marks the first and only time that Christopher Reeve was a guest at a U.S. sci-fi/movie convention. It is also the first (and last) time that Noel and Chris had seen each other since her visit to the “Superman: The Movie” set in October 1977.  This the very first time CapedWonder ‘Giclee’ canvas prints have been produced of this image. 

Jim Bowers Biography: Jim Bowers runs www.CapedWonder.com, a website that celebrates the legacy of Christopher Reeve as Man and Superman through unique imagery.

Naming Rights to a Character in Bob Greenberger’s “Iron-Man 2”  Novel

Donated by Bob Greenberger

Description: “Iron Man 2” is an as-yet-unnamed original novel set in the Marvel Universe featuring the cast of characters now made world famous from the box office smash film. The novel will be published sometime in 2009 and the winner will be written in to a scene. The more donated, the larger the part.

Original “Superman: The Movie” 15x20 Painting from Steve Stanley  

Donated by Steve Stanley

Description: Illustrator Steve Stanley captures the Man of Steel and the essence of the benevolent and evil Kryptonians from the films “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II,” featuring Christopher Reeve, Marlin Brando, Terrance Stamp, Sarah Douglas and Jack O’Halloran in their classic roles from the silver screen.

Steve Stanley Biography: Steve Stanley’s commercial work has been featured on everything from book jackets to race cars. As an independent artist, he has spent the past 16 years working on special projects for a varied clientele: DC Comics, Inquest, Artbox, Coca-Cola, NASCAR, The Hamilton Collection, Kenner & Paramount Studios, just to name a few.

“Superman: The Movie” Script Signed by Geoff Johns

Donated by Geoff Johns

Description: A copy of the original “Superman: The Movie” script prior to Mario Puzo joining the project. See what could have been. This is the 1976 draft by David Newman, Leslie Newman and Robert Benton and it’s signed by Geoff Johns. This item is extremely rare and you will not find it at any other auction!  

Geoff Johns Biography: Geoff Johns is considered by many to be the foundation of the DC Universe in the 2000s. He is a fan favorite and award-winning writer whose credits include “52,” “The Flash,” “Teen Titans,” “Hawkman” and “Infinite Crisis.” He is currently writing “Green Lantern,” “Action Comics,” “Justice Society of America” and “Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.”

Signed script for “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II”

Donated by Tom Mankiewicz and Richard Donner

Description:  Full color copies of the shooting scripts for the ‘Donner versions’ of “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II,” complete with writer Tom Mankiewicz’s notes. Both copies are signed by Mankiewicz and director Richard Donner. 

Tom Mankiewicz Biography: Tom Mankiewicz is a screenwriter and director, best known for his work on the James Bond movies “Diamonds are Forever,” “Live and Let Die” and “The Man with the Golden Gun.”  He also worked with Richard Donner on the screenplay for his 1978 film “Superman: The Movie.”   

Richard Donner Biography: Richard Donner is the director who made the world believe a man could fly by bringing The Man of Steel to the silver screen with “Superman: The Movie,” starring Christopher Reeve. Donner’s Superman movie is considered by both comic and non-comic fans to be one of the masterpieces of modern cinema. He is also the director of such classics as “Goonies,” “The Omen” and the “Lethal Weapon” series. Donner recently treated Superman fans to two amazing new projects; “Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut” DVD and an “Action Comics” run co-written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Adam Kubert.   

Besides Jeph Loeb's offering of a walk-on part on "Heroes," other all-star creators giving up goodies to the cause this week are Jerry Siegel, Jason Palmer, Renato Guedes, Michael Turner, Ivan Reis, Walt Simonson, Murphy Anderson, Adam Kubert, Chris Bachalo, Eric Wight and Mike Mignola, some of whose contributions can be seen below:

For a complete auction item list, visit this page, and go www.OrdinaryPeopleChangetheWorld.com to see footage of the Siegel house, bid and help make history.

The auction runs through 11:59 p.m. on September 30, 2008.

Visitors can also donate money or purchase a Siegel & Shuster Society t-shirt designed by legendary graphic designer, Chip Kidd ("Final Crisis").

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