Millar Debuts New "Supercrooks" Teaser Video

Heat Vision has debuted Mark Millar and director Nacho Vigalando new video teaser for "Supercrooks," featuring actors laying out the basic concept of Millar and Leinil Francis Yu's Marvel Icon comic based on the idea of American supervillains fleeing to Europe in order to escape the United States' overabundant population of superheroes.

"All the superheroes live in America, so why do the supervillains always commit crimes in Metropolis, Gotham City, or Star City? Why don't they just go somewhere where there are no superheroes," Millar asked in an interview with CBR last year. "It would make life an awful lot easier for them. I remember thinking that if I was the Joker or the Mirror Master or someone, I think I'd head for somewhere like Glasgow, where the worst thing that will happen is being chased by a fat cop. That's the idea of it really, only I thought I'd make it a bit more exotic, so I ended up making it Spain instead. So a bunch of supervillains head for Spain for one last job, for a heist. And I love heist movies - I've always wanted to do a 'men on a mission' story with supervillains. So the idea is a bunch of super-villains get together to pull off one last job; the biggest job of their career."

The teaser is the latest collaboration between Vigalando and Millar who paired previously on another Millarworld teaser (you can watch it below) and are working together to develop "Supercrooks" as a live-action movie.

"Supercrooks" #1, by Millar and Yu, is scheduled to hit stores tomorrow, March 21. Check out the preview here on CBR.

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