Millar Creates Millarworld Productions For Film, TV

Mark Millar is looking to expand his reach in the entertainment field while keeping his operations local. The Scottish native behind comic and film hits like "Kick-Ass" and "Wanted" today announced that he's starting up his own film and television production shingle - Millarworld Productions - to produce adaptations of his works and more in Scotland.

"I want my films to do for Scotland what 'Lord Of The Rings' did for New Zealand," Millar told the Scottish Sun paper before rolling out what his first projects with Millarworld Productions would be.

First up on his slate is "American Jesus" - an adaptation of he and Peter Gross' comic which originally launched from Dark Horse in the early 2000s under the name "Chosen." ""I've always wondered what it would be like if Jesus came back to the present day," he told the paper. "But he only discovers he's Christ when he talks to his mum after the accident and she says 'I have something to tell you - you are the son of God' as she had got pregnant Virgin Mary-style.

"The first part of the movie starts in America, but he disappears to Scotland in the hope his enemies won't find him before battling the anti-Christ, Armageddon, the whole bit. As a practising Catholic I will treat it reverentially. I already have the Mitchell Library in Glasgow penned in for a very important scene, simply because I love that building so much."

Beyond that, Millar will prep "Supercrooks" with director Nacho Vigalondo while other adaptations of his work continue to roll out of Hollywood including "Wanted 2," "Superior" with producer and partner Matthew Vaughn, the recently re-optioned "War Heroes," "Nemesis" and, as the piece promises will be announced soon, a "Kick-Ass 2."

Millar also has designs on TV, as he said, "I just want to make TV shows that I actually want to watch. I can't stand all the low-end reality shows. I know a lot of the guys making those programmes and they hate them as much as I do. I just want to do real quality here and that can be high-end documentaries or brand new formats as much as quality dramas like 'The Sopranos' or Mad Men.'"

For more on Millarworld Productions, see the Scottish Sun which also delves into Millar's adherence to creator-owned work, his pep talk from Stan Lee and his hopes to build a movie studio. Or check out the full press release for the company, which the writer provided CBR exclusively below:

Official Press Release

Mark Millar Launches 'Millarworld Productions'After the success of Mark Millar's creator-owned comic book line, Millarworld, which currently boasts eight comic-book franchises* and a staggering seven subsequent movie deals, Millar is expanding as he launches Millarworld Productions.

Millar, who was an executive producer on the summer blockbuster Wanted, starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy, and Kick-Ass directed by Matthew Vaughn, has recently had further Millarworld projects capturing the attention of Hollywood. Wanted 2 is moving ahead with the original screen-writers, Universal Studios have picked up the film rights for War Heroes and Matthew Vaughn's relationship with Millar continues with film adaptations of Superior and The Secret Service. Nemesis, to be directed by Tony Scott, was acquired by Fox last year and Supercrooks is with Marc Platt Productions with the Oscar-nominated Nacho Vigalondo attached to direct.

Millarworld Productions, which will be based in Glasgow, will be producing the feature film American Jesus based on one of Mark's books, with filming predominantly taking place in Scotland, plus a slate of TV shows and documentaries with broad national appeal. Millar explains, "I just want to make the kind of programmes that I'd watch myself. The idea is to produce really high-end documentaries and brand new formats combined with a theatrical feature every couple of years. Scotland has always been my home and I've never been tempted to move to Hollywood. I think Peter Jackson has proven to everyone that geography doesn't have to be an obstacle to working in this industry and I'd like to do my best to generate work right here on my doorstep. There's a huge amount of talent and enthusiasm in the UK and in Scotland in particular. It always seems a shame to see the best people migrate and I really hope Millarworld Productions makes my home turf an attraction proposition to talent in the long term. I've been unbelievably lucky with the movie side of things and I'm really excited to be expanding into television now too. I've got a lot of ideas I'm really enthusiastic about for television so hopefully that luck will continue here into a brand new medium for me".

*Kick-Ass, Wanted, American Jesus, War Heroes, Nemesis, Superior, The Secret Service and Supercrooks

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