Millar Announces Wonka-Style Global Treasure Hunt For "Jupiter's Legacy 2"

Writer Mark Millar has announced on his site a global treasure hunt for the first issue of the upcoming Image Comics series "Jupiter's Legacy 2." Ten advance copies of the issue, written by Millar with art by Frank Quitely, will be scattered and buried around the world, waiting for readers to track them down and unearth them.

The ten copies will be buried in mystery locations across four continents, in the UK, Ireland, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Russia. Photo and text clues as to the whereabouts of each buried copy will be posted on Millar's website Millarworld as well as social media; all the clues will arrive online on June 22, the week before the issue's release.

"They're all going to be accessible, but for some you're going to need a shovel," Millar told The Guardian, "for others you're going to need waders or, at the very least, wellies. Others you're going to have to climb. It's going to be great."

But what do you get if you find one of the 10 copies? Millar writes: "Well, you get to read the Millar and Quitely 'Jupiter's Legacy 2' #1 a week before anyone else, but once you post a picture of yourself with the comic we'll also send you signed copies plus an original Frank Quitely sketch personalised to you and you alone."

"'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was my big inspiration, to be honest," said Millar in the interview. "I was watching the Gene Wilder film recently with my kids and remembered how much I wanted to see something like that in real life. A big global treasure hunt."

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