Millar and Gibbons plan to work together ... eventually

Robot 6 confirmed this morning that writer Mark Millar and Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons are looking to join forces on a possible creator-owned series, as reported by Rich Johnston on his new blog.

However, Millar says the details of the project are off the mark.

"Rich [is] totally wrong,"  Millar told Robot 6. "This series I’m announcing in summer is someone else, though Dave and I [are] talking about doing SOMETHING in about a year. No idea what or where it is yet."

Asked if the project he's announcing at Comic-Con International is his long-rumored project with Civil War and "Old Man Logan" collaborator Steve McNiven, Millar said: "No, that’s already semi-official. Have another one we’ll announce, too, which might be even bigger. Should be a big summer."

For more from Millar himself, visit his forum.

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