Miles Teller Says He's Game for a "Fantastic Four" Sequel

Just over a year ago, the newest "Fantastic Four" reboot arrived in theaters to a slue of both critical and fan vitriol. Reports of behind-the-scenes difficulties coupled with the film's strangely dark tone resulted in a box office disaster, all but ensuring the potential franchise's death. According to a recent interview, however, star Miles Teller ("Whiplash," "War Dogs") said he's more than willing to give it another shot as Reed Richards.

"I loved the cast, I loved the characters. I think it's such an interesting dynamic. I love how much they really need to rely on each other," the actor explained to Jo Blo. "So yeah, absolutely, I would do another one."

Teller isn't alone in his interest in returning to the franchise. Writer-producer Simon Kinberg is on record about his own interest in taking another crack at the Marvel property, stating, "Nothing would make me happier than the world embracing a Fantastic Four movie."

It's currently unclear where the Fantastic Four franchise is heading, although with Kinberg currently attached as producer for "Deadpool 2," "Gambit," "Legion" and the still untitled Wolverine sequel, not to mention the original's uninspiring box office performance, it might take a while for the studio to take another stab at the Marvel story.

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