Old Man Miles Kicks Ass in Miles Morales: The End First Look (EXCLUSIVE)

Saladin Ahmed, Damion Scott and Dono Sanchez-Almara's The End one-shot will focus on Miles Morales/Spider-Man decades in the future, with humanity fighting for survival in Brooklyn. Marvel Comics has given CBR an exclusive first look at Miles Morales: The End #1 and comments from Ahmed on the book.

"It’s not hard to imagine the Earth as a pretty scary place a few decades from now," Ahmed said. "And the story definitely has its post apocalyptic element, set against a ravaged New York City. But more than anything THE END for Miles is a story about maintaining a hopeful, helpful energy even when surrounded by darkness and ugliness. As the mayor of Brooklyn Miles has, with the help of friends, carved out a space for beauty and fun in the dark world of the future. And this is the story about how they fight to hold on to that."

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"Of course writing is only half the story, but if anything I’m the weak link here," he added. "Damion Scott’s art, with its manga and hip-hop influences, is so perfect for the story that I actually yelped when I saw it! You guys are in for a treat."


  • Artist: DAMION SCOTT
  • Humanity makes its last stand in the only place strong enough to survive: BROOKLYN. Former Spider-Man, Miles Morales, leads the last bastion of civilization into the future! Penned by MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN author SALADIN AHMED!

Marvel's The End one-shots will start releasing in January.

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