Miles Morales Unlocks A Brand New [SPOILER]

My First Rodeo

Meanwhile, Miles has his own headache to deal with in the form of The Armadillo, the sometimes-hero, sometimes-villain currently trashing the Brooklyn Bridge. Without access to his Spidey suit, Miles attempts to take down the villain quickly, but when his venom blast is ineffective, he seizes up with fear for just a moment. Miles remembers fighting Hammerhead and the injuries he sustained due to the mobster driving his giant cranium into his chest. That fight led to Miles questioning if he wanted to be a superhero for the rest of his life and led him to Japan for some soul searching, and upon coming back he still doesn’t have a solid answer. Facing off against The Armadillo, for a split second, Miles flashes back to that fight with Hammerhead, which takes his focus off the very dangerous clash he’s currently involved in.

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Fortunately, it triggers something within Miles that causes a whole new power to manifest, or at least a variant on his venom blast. Up until now, Miles has had two versions of the venom blast: A small one that comes with a delay, and a large one that wipes him out. But riding on on the back of The Armadillo, Miles notices golden tendrils coming from his fingers — the same color as his venom blast — and he’s able to use them to lasso The Armadillo and yank him straight into a venom blast-flavored uppercut for the KO. It’s not the first time Miles’ powers have surprised him, and it begs the question, what else is there for him to discover about his spider abilities?


Miles has never really had any formal training as a superhero, and he even took a solid year off from his costume when his mother was killed, so despite being a much more mature Spider-Man than he was in his debut, he still has a lot to learn about the powers that make the man. There could be all sorts of hidden cards up his spidery sleeve for him to uncover, which presents opportunities to differentiate Miles Morales fromt he rest of the Spider family in bold new ways.

Family Reunion

Things definitely seem to be coming to a head in Spider-Man, as Brian Michael Bendis begins to wrap up his seventeen years on the title before heading off to DC Comics in the new year. That means that Miles is going to be reunited with his uncle Aaron in the very near future, although neither of them are quite aware of it. Miles’ friend Lana Baumgartner — the younger Bombshell — enlists her friend (and crush)’s aid to accompany her to a meeting with her supervillain mother who wants to get the Bombshells back together, but what she doesn’t know is that Lori Baumgartner has brought a Spider-Man of her own to the meeting. Miles thinks he killed his uncle Aaron a whole universe ago, but he’s about to discover that he’s very alive which may have larger answers for the nature of the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe in 2018.


That isn’t the only plot thread to be tidied up before Bendis departs for the blue team, as there’s still Miles’ father’s second life as a spy and what happens to him now S.H.I.E.L.D. is defunct. There’s his troubled relationship with his mother who recently discovered both her husband and son have double lives. There’s also the unresolved cliffhanger from a couple of months ago where Cable of all people hinted that Miles has a big future in the world of international espionage. There’s even one more issue of Spider-Men II to be released which brings the Miles Morales’ of two worlds face to face after years of build up. There’s a lot going on in Spider-Man right now, and it might just be too much for Miles Morales to handle.

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