How Miles Morales' Costume Updated Spider-Man's Look

Spider-Man Miles Morales

First created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli in 2011's Ultimate Fallout #4, Miles Morales has stepped up as the new Spider-Man and quickly became a fan-favorite character injecting new life into Marvel's web-slinging superhero franchise and bringing in millions of new fans around the world. Originally replacing his universe's Peter Parker after the original Spider-Man's heroic death, Miles has made a name for himself, especially after joining the main Marvel Universe with his own solo superhero career as well as serving with the Champions.

In addition to bringing a fresh, new voice to Marvel's flagship superhero, Miles has also updated the classic Spider-Man costume for a new generation. Here's a quick history of Miles' main superhero outfits, including its cinematic debut in last year's Academy Award-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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Miles Morales' main costume is a variation on the classic Spider-Man outfit with a darker, more simplified color scheme. While maintaining the same familiar design, Miles' costume is predominantly black with red accents on the mask and top half of the torso including the Spider-Man logo. Additionally, the footwear with the costume are sneakers to help make Miles more nimble on his feet as he had lacked web-shooter for his early career and relied on his own super-speed and acrobatics to quickly navigate New York City. Eventually, Peter Parker from the main Marvel Universe would give Miles a set of web-shooters when accidentally transported to the Ultimate Universe.

Miles adopts the new costume after an impromptu team-up with the Ultimates. Electro, who had been comatose and under custody in the Ultimates' headquarters on the Triskelion, revived and broke out, resulting in a fight with the team. Miles arrived to lend crucial support and, while officially acknowledging Miles as the new Spider-Man, Peter Parker clone and S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Jessica Drew gave Miles his new costume.


When Miles first made his debut as Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe, he wore a poorly fitting version of Peter Parker's costume. Sporting the familiar red and blue design, the mask, gloves, and boots of the outfit were noticeably too large for Miles given Peter's slightly older age but fitted with knee and elbow guards on the outside, a feature that Peter's costume didn't share. The costume also lacked web-shooters, forcing Miles to forego web-slinging during his initial crime-fighting period.

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With news of Spider-Man's death having gone public and reverberated around the Ultimate Universe, Miles was chided by bystanders and villains alike that his decision to wear his deceased predecessor's costume was in poor taste. Eventually, Miles would agree and decide to create his own spin on Spider-Man's costume as he forged his superhero identity.


Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales poster header

Throughout Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Miles' develops his own identity as Spider-Man in his major arc ; an evolution that is reflected by his outfit over the course of the film. After developing his powers early in the animated movie, Miles purchases an ill-fitting Spider-Man costume from Stan Lee which he uses for the majority of the film.

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Determined to prove to himself that he is more than worthy of the mantle of Spider-Man while adding his own personal flair, Miles spray paints the costume black with red accents and his own Spider-Man logo, largely inspired by his and his uncle Aaron's mutual love of street art. After obtaining a pair of web-shooters custom-designed by Aunt May, Miles' costume is complete and he takes to the skyline on a test run. True to Stan Lee's prophetic words at the start of the film, the suit always fits...eventually.

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