Mile High Comics hosts CBLDF signing this weekend

From Chuck Rozanski, owner of Mile High Comics.

Official Press Release


This upcoming Saturday, August 28th, marks the first ever Woodchuckpalooza - an autograph signing party on a Mile High scale!

Ten guests from all over the country, and all over the comic book industry, will be coming together to sign at the Mile High Comics Mega-Store in Thornton, Colorado (five miles north of Denver) from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.. These guests include many well known artists throughout the industry, as well as several hot young rookies. The ten guests include Talent Caldwell (Superman: Godfall), Tommy Castillo (Detective, Toe Tags), Christian Gossett (The Red Star), Livesay (The Flash), Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), Chris Moreno (Travelers), Don Rosa (Uncle Scrooge), Andy Runton (Owly), Jeff Smith (Bone), and Jim Shooter (former editor-in-chief of Marvel, Valiant, and Defiant).

At the same time as all these wonderful creators are signing autographs, Mile High Comics president Chuck Rozanski will also be conducting one of his exciting no-minimum-bid auctions featuring 250 cool items selected from the Mile High Comics inventory, including a copy of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #1 (Good). A total of 20% of the gross proceeds of the auction will go directly to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a not for profit organization that works to protect the rights of free speech and expression within the comics industry.

All of the guests will be signing free autographs, and some may also have artwork for sale. Items to be signed will be limited to 3 per creator, but attendees may re-enter the line with additional batches of 3 items (if the length of the line permits...) until the 5 PM cutoff. Stop by on this Saturday and meet some of the greatest talents the comics industry has to offer!

For further information please call the Thornton Mega-Store at 303.457.2612.

Chuck Rozanski

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