Mike W. Barr and Dario Carrasco bring 'Sorcerer of Fortune' online

Modern Tales, the leading publisher of subscription-based webcomics, announced today that Mike W. Barr and Dario Carrasco's Sorcerer of Fortune would be joining the line-up for its AdventureStrips.com online anthology publication in September.

Modern Tales publisher Joey Manley said, "When we launched Modern Tales six months ago, we were told that nobody wanted to pay for webcomics. In the first month, we outdid our sales expectations for the year, several times over, as a matter of fact."

Manley said that many of the subscribers to the company's flagshipanthology site, ModernTales.com -- www.moderntales.com -- report that they rarely, if ever, visit a comic book store, or buy a print comic."This was the webcomics audience," said Manley. "And it was larger,and more willing to pay for quality work, than anybody knew."

The company is now turning its attention to the more traditional comic book audience.

"AdventureStrips is our attempt to rekindle the magic that large, large numbers of people used to find in mainstream comics. Those people still have an affection for the form, but many of them, perhaps the majority of them, don't read comics anymore, for whatever reason. The web allows them to come back to comics without any of the barriers -- real or imagined -- that are keeping them away today. I know. I'm one of those people whose love of comics generally was reawakened by webcomics."

Creator Mike Barr describes Sorcerer of Fortune as "... a private-eye story, with magic."

In a world where magical forces are real, a certain breed of men will make it their business to control those forces. One such man is Rex Icarus, Practical Wizard and a resident of the city of Fortune.

Rex Icarus' job brings him into contact and conflict with all of Fortune¹s people -- princes and penitents, the poor and the prosperous. He lives by his wits and his powers in a world slowing pulling itself up from barbarism -- and opposes those who would pull civilization back down. Often by his side is Thorn, the swordswoman who hires out as a bodyguard ...or any other job that catches her fancy.

Writer Mike W. Barr:

Mike W. Barr has been the writer and creator of many well-known comic book series such as CAMELOT 3000, BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS, THE OUTSIDERS, MANTRA and the Eisner- and Harvey-nominated THE MAZE AGENCY. He has also written many BATMAN stories, including the first BATMAN graphic novel, Batman, Son of the Demon. He has recently returned to prose, and has sold a STAR TREK novel, Gemini, which will be published in 2003. He cites as his primary influences such Warner Brothers detective series of the 1960s as "77 Sunset Strip" and "Bourbon Street Beat."

Artist Dario Carrasco:

Dario Carrasco Jr. has been working for comics since 1991 with his first work on Marvel Comics' Alpha Flight #125-130. He worked there for 4 years, on titles such as Northstar, Captain America, Night Thrasher, What If? Nova, and Pinhead. He then joined Dark Horse Comics in 1994 and was involved on the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, and received a Prolific Star Wars Artist award for working on 25 issues straight with finishing his last project, Jedi Academy, in 1998. At present, he has contributed a short online comics collaboration "Constable IV" for Modern Pulp Comics, and a short featurette "Crossover" for SupernaturalCrime.com. He joined a group of talented artistsand writers "Golden Goat Studios" in his pursuit of more involvement in the online comics scene. Between his day job and his family, he toils away at late night and weekends to do what he really likes doing: "drawingcomics!!!"

Letterer Jim Keplinger:

Not satisfied with being the most widely read magic theorist on the Internet, Jim began his comic career in 2001 as a writer. A control freak, Jim took up lettering his own comics to tweak them to perfection. Jim is a Member of Golden Goat Studios.

Sorcerer of Fortune joins the already impressive lineup of features at AdventureStrips.com, including:

ATHENA VOLTAIRE by Steve Bryant and Paul Daly

PERILS ON PLANET X by Christopher Mills and Jon Plante

RED KELSO by Gary Chaloner

JAZZ AGE by Ted Slampyak

TERRANAUTS by Paul Daly and Don Secrease

MR. JIGSAW by Ron Fortier and Gary Kato

TABULA RASA by James Chambers and Richard Clark

GRAVEDIGGER by Christopher Mills and Rick Burchett

There will be a total of 14 series on AdventureStrips.com - more announcements are forthcoming between now and launch date.

The price for AdventureStrips.com will be $2.95/month or $29.95/year for the general public. Existing subscribers to the company's flagship anthology, ModernTales.com, will be able to add AdventureStrips.com to their subscription package for only $1.95/month or $19.95/year. Individuals who wish to be notified upon launch of AdventureStrips.com are encouraged to pre-register for free at http://www.adventurestrips.com

AdventureStrips.com is edited by Christopher Mills, creator of the online Comic Femme Noir (with comics veteran Joe Staton) and former editor with Tekno*Comix and Shadow House Press.

AdventureStrips.com is published by Joey Manley, editor/publisher of the leading webcomics subscriptions service, ModernTales.com.

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