Mike Richardson, Dean Yeagle and Leonard Maltin book signing in Hollywood, March 19

Official Press Release

Dark Horse Founder Mike Richardson, Respected Illustrator Dean Yeagle, and Legendary Film Critic Leonard Maltin are doing a signing at Disney Soda Fountain on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA on March 19th at 6pm.

This signing is in honor of the releases of Richardson and Yeagle's Return of the Gremlins and Maltin's Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy.

Gremlins comes from the imagination of Roald Dahl and found themselves on the pages of Return of the Gremlins, the newest collaboration between Mike Richardson (Cut, The Scream, The Mask) and Dean Yeagle (Playboy Magazine, Jim Henson Associates, Walt Disney Productions) from Dark Horse Comics.

Leonard Maltin is known as one of the world's most popular authorities on the history of film. M Press is pound to present Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy. This is an exciting collection of the best articles from Maltin's ever-popular newsletter.

For more information please visit www.darkhorse.com.

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