Mike Perkins homages 'Giant-Size X-Men' #1 for 'Star Wars' #1 Variant

Tampa, Florida retailer Heroes Haven is very excited for the release of Marvel's upcoming Star Wars #1 -- so much so that it actually put together a trailer for a special store-exclusive variant cover for its Facebook page. Heroes Haven certainly has reason for excitement -- its store-exclusive variant by Mike Perkins is a cool homage to one of Marvel's most well-known comics of all time: Giant-Size X-Men #1.

"We have attempted this in the past, but patience is a virtue," the trailer's Star Wars-esque crawl text reads. "Now, for the first time ever we bring to all of our fans and loyal customers our very first Marvel Comics Heroes Haven exclusive. Not only have we selected the most anticipated release for our first Marvel Comics exclusive, but we have the privilege to bring our long time friend and Marvel exclusive artist Mike Perkins to illustrate our special cover!"

Marvel confirmed reports earlier today that Star Wars #1 has sold over one million copies on the direct market, with over 35 other variant covers planned for the debut issue.

Check out Perkins' variant cover below.

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