Mike Myers Wants a Dr. Evil-Focused Austin Powers Movie

Mike Myers Dr. Evil

Is America ready for the return of Mike Myers' Austin Powers film franchise? The actor thinks so, as he wants to create a film from the perspective of the villain, Dr. Evil.

As Entertainment Tonight reports, Myers talked about his idea on the red carpet for his new heist film Terminal.

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"I would love to do a movie from Dr. Evil's perspective. So it would be Dr. Evil 1, Austin Powers 4 is how I would roll," Myers said. Myers recently returned to the character on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, in which he played the Austin Powers villain as a former adviser to United States President Donald Trump.

If Myers really wants to get back to the world of Austin Powers, then now may be the best time. Plenty of studios have been delving back into once-lucrative franchises in the hopes of lightning striking twice -- The Lord of the Rings begat The Hobbit series, Harry Potter led to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the original Star Wars films provided the groundwork for modern spin-offs.

Myers next film is Terminal, directed by Vaughn Stein and debuting in theaters on May 11. Terminal stars Margot Robbie as Annie, Simon Pegg as Bill, Dexter Fletcher as Vince, Max Irons as Alfred and Mike Myers.

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