Mike Mignola Drew Concept Art for a New Gods Movie Proposal


Comic book artist and Jack Kirby biographer Tom Scioli shared Mike Mignola's concept art for a previously unknown New Gods movie proposal.

According to Scioli, the art was for a proposed film that would have centered around the New Gods characters in the 1990s. It depicts redesigns of Kirby characters Mister Miracle and Big Barda, who are married in the comics. Mignola's notes depict Scott Free as a prince, which is technically accurate considering he is the son of Highfather, leader of the New Gods of New Genesis. He also compares Barda's costume to that of the Female Furies.

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The Hellboy creator previously worked with Jim Starlin on the New Gods for DC Comics. He served as the artist on the four-issue limited series Cosmic Odyssey, which saw release in 1988. Curiously, neither Mister Miracle or Big Barda appeared in the book.

Jack Kirby created both characters in 1971 as part of his New Gods cosmic epic. They can currently be found in Tom King and Mitch Gerads' 12-issue miniseries Mister Miracle.

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