Mike Kunkel's "The Land of Sokmunster" ships June 9th

Official Press Release

Toluca Lake, CA -- June 1, 2004 -- The Astonish Factory is pleased to announce that its newest children's book, The Land of Sokmunster, is shipping now and will hit store shelves on June 9, 2004. In its ongoing efforts to show children they don't have to grow up so fast, Astonish Factory's The Land of Sokmunster (Mike Kunkel & Randy Heuser, $14.95, ISBN: 0-9721259-2-2, 8 ½" x 10 ½", hardcover, 60 pages, full color) tells the unusual story of what happens when we all lose something precious. It tells of a land where friends are made and important lessons learned. A land…that is closer than we think.

How do we learn to forgive and trust? How important is caring and responsibility? Do we really have to learn to help others? And most important… What happens to all of our lost socks? The Land of Sokmunster takes on such questions as these and more, all the while providing readers a story and visuals that are pure, entertaining, all-ages fun.

"Randy and I are very proud of this book," said co-creator and two-time Eisner Award winner Mike Kunkel, "and we hope readers will enjoy the story of Sam and his journey to The Land of Sokmunster." Co-creator Randy Heuser adds, "We have always had a desire to create stories that will immerse audiences into the worlds and lives of our characters. And once they're in our created worlds, we hope they will be better for it in the real world. So if our readers learn a lesson or two about caring and forgiveness along the way, so much the better."

In The Land of Sokmunster, ten-year-old Sam takes us on his amazing journey into a mysterious and wondrous land where he meets Spike, a lost sock with attitude, King Jacque, the bitter ruler sock of Sokmunster, and the Moth King, the villainous enemy of the socks. Sam will come to find that this is a land of many incredible things. It is a land that is filled with creatures big and small and good and bad.

The Land of Sokmunster is carried in those bookstores, libraries and comic book shops that wish to help their customers find out where lost things go. The Land of Sokmunster is being released simultaneously with the first in a line of collectable plush toys, Spike the Sokmunster.

The Astonish Factory encourages readers to: "Remember your childhood…and pass it on."###ABOUT THE ASTONISH FACTORYAstonish Comics was founded in 1999 by Mike Kunkel. In September 2003, Kunkel merged his studios with Scott Christian Sava's Blue Dream Studios, forming The Astonish Factory. Under that umbrella is Astonish Comics, Astonish Books, Astonish Toys, and Astonish Studios. Having both worked in animation in Hollywood on numerous features and television projects, they strive to tell comic stories in a new way -- The Animation Way. Please visit at www.theastonishfactory.com.

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