Mike Kunkel takes "Sokmunster" on tour

Official Press Release

Toluca Lake, CA -- July 20, 2004 -- The Astonish Factory is pleased to announce the kickoff location for its tour promoting The Land of Sokmunster, its first children's book. The first stop? The famous Storyopolis located at 116 N. Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Other locations will be announced soon.

Numerous events are planned as part of the Storyopolis stop. From 11:30 until 1:00 or so, children and their parents will get to interact with the book's creators, Mike Kunkel and Randy Heuser, in a variety of activities. One of the highlights is that children get to create their very own Sokmunster! In this craft activity, children will use tube socks and various creative tools to make a sock like Spike, the co-star of The Land of Sokmunster ($14.95, ISBN: 0-9721259-2-2, 8 ½" x 10 ½", hardcover, 60 pages, full color).

Once they have their trusty new friend all created, the kids will enjoy a chapter reading from Sokmunster, then have the opportunity to ask questions about animation, drawing, and who Mike and Randy's favorite characters from the story are. Mike and Randy will be available to sign and sketch on the books…or even the newly created sokmunsters!

The Land of Sokmunster tells the unusual story of what happens when we all lose something precious. It tells of a land where friends are made and lessons about forgiveness and trust, caring and responsibility are learned. In The Land of Sokmunster, twelve-year-old Sam takes us on his amazing journey into a mysterious and wondrous land where he meets Spike, a lost sock with attitude, King Jacque, the bitter ruler sock of Sokmunster, and the Moth King, the villainous enemy of the socks. Sam will come to find that this is a land of many incredible things. It is a land that is filled with creatures big and small, good and bad.

Storyopolis was chosen by Mike and Randy to be their first stop. "I've always loved the store," says co-creator Mike Kunkel, a Los Angeles-area resident. "I couldn't think of a better place to hold an event for Sokmunster."

Storyopolis is one of the best children's bookstores in the country, a unique art gallery and bookstore that showcases the best in storybook illustration. Its dedicated staff of yarn-spinners, tale-tellers, and book and art lovers cannot wait to help tickle children's imaginations, bring them the joy of reading, and maybe, just maybe, tap into an adult's own inner child, as well.

The Astonish Factory encourages readers to: "Remember your childhood…and pass it on."


Astonish Comics was founded in 1999 by Mike Kunkel. In September 2003, Kunkel merged his studios with Scott Christian Sava's Blue Dream Studios, forming The Astonish Factory. Under that umbrella is now Astonish Comics, Astonish Books, Astonish Toys, and Astonish Studios. Having both worked in animation in Hollywood on numerous features and television projects, they strive to tell stories in a new way --- The Animation Way. Please visit at www.theastonishfactory.com.

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