Mike Grell's "Sable" To Return in 2005

The 1980s were an interesting time for comics. The industry as a whole went through many changes and a number of events occurred during that period which forever changed the landscape of comics. One of the companies that helped contribute to that change was First Comics, an '80s success story that published the likes of "Nexus," "American Flagg," "Grimjack," and many others. "Nexus" has been published off and on since then, making a home at Dark Horse. The original "American Flagg" series will finally be reprinted by Dynamic Forces & Image Comics later this year. "Grimjack" will also make a return to publishing with IDW, as we learned back in June.

Another popular First Comics product will make a return to comics as well, this time it's Mike Grell's "Jon Sable, Freelance." The series told the story of Jon Sable, a freelance mercenary for hire who led a double life as a writer. When his family was brutally killed in Africa by poachers, Sable tracked down those responsible and exacted his revenge. When he returned to the states he found success as a children's book writer, yet was always a available as a gun for hire.

"I'm pleased to announce that 'Jon Sable, Freelance' will be returning to comics in a brand new miniseries from IDW," Grell announced on his Web site Monday. "This will coincide with the re-release of albums containing the original stories from First Comics. Work on the new series has already begun and you can look forward to a preview on this site shortly."

The mini-series is scheduled to hit shelves next March.

"I'm very excited to be working on this new miniseries," continued Grell. "Not only is 'Sable' my favorite among all the characters I've ever created, he's also the right kind of hero for today's world - less than perfect but doing his best, willing to face any danger for what's right, and absolutely relentless when he's on the hunt."

"Jon Sable, Freelance" ran for 56 issues then was renamed simply "Sable," which ceased publication in 1991. The series also spawned a short lived television series in the '80s, Rene Russo amongst the stars. In 2000, Grell published a prose "Sable" novel through Forge.

Look for a formal announcement in the coming days.

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