Mike Grell Returns to Maggie the Cat With New Kickstarter Campaign

Legendary Green Arrow writer/artist Mike Grell is planning to complete his unfinished Maggie the Cat miniseries this summer with the help of Kickstarter.

According to the 13th Dimension, Grell is planning for a two-book set that will be released on separate Kickstarter campaigns. Part one will collect the original two published issues with new pages and content from an unproduced Maggie the Cat screenplay written by Grell. Part two will complete the story and will even feature a guest cameo by Jon Sable himself. Both will be 64-page square-bound editions.

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The original Maggie the Cat series spun out of Grell's creator-owned Jon Sable Freelancer series, which the character known as Lady Margaret made regular appearances within. The gorgeous aristocrat had originally been married to an unfaithful husband who had the habit of giving Margaret's priceless jewelry to his many mistresses. When he died, Lady Margaret resorted to cat burglary in order to reclaim the property she felt was rightfully hers, and her alter-ego Maggie the Cat became so well known that her reputation attracted the attention of British special services. Lady Margaret was approached by agents and accepted their offer to join an elite anti-terrorist force where she would use a collection of creative gadgets and tools in order to assist her with her missions.

This character, who resembled an amalgamation of Catwoman, Black Cat and Black Canary, was originally scheduled to appear in a four-issue limited series in 1996. In the middle of completing the series, the comic book industry experienced its infamous decline and in the process, only two issues were ever published. Although the industry would eventually make a comeback and Grell would find more work, the series remained unfinished.

Campaign exclusives for contributors will include variant covers by artists Chad Hardin and Stephen B. Scott, prints, t-shirts, original art and even the opportunity to be drawn into the book itself.

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The first campaign will launch March 1.


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