Mike Deodato's 'The Thing.'

[The Thing]You've seen artist Mike Deodato's many black and white contributions in the past couple of months. He's shown some jungle love, noted he's not really two-faced and even demonstrated a bit of kung-fu for his fans.

In Deodato's latest Web only sketch he focuses on the importance of family and who shows that better than the grouchy member of Marvel's "Fantastic Four," the Thing.

"One of the things (no pun intended) that always struck me as fascinating about the classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby handling of 'Fantastic Four' was the creators' handling of family," Deodato told CBR News Saturday. "Through the fights and squabbles and dimensions and planet-devouring menaces, Stan and Jack never forgot that the FF was about a family and their closest friend. And when the family had a child, their best friend's name became part of the childs' name. Here is my 'Family: Like a Rock' portrait of Bashful Benjamin J. Grimm and his godchild Franklin Benjamin Richards."

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