Mike Deodato, Two-Faced?

[Two-Face]"Witches" artist Mike Deodato is at it again, releasing another in a line of sketches created to excite fans online.

Last month Deodato sketched and image of the New York skyline with Captain America hovering over it that eventually made its way into the just released Marvel "Heroes" tribute book. Today, Deodato released his latest creation, this time lending his unique style to a rendering of Batman and the villain Two-Face.

"Some may say this illustration is a metaphor for the typical comic-book artist trying to meet his deadlines," Deodato said in a release, "and the editor deciding whether or not to keep him employed. Others may say it's Two-Faced of me to render another Batman illo while on a lunch break from drawing "Witches" for Marvel (I'm on the third issue). But hey -- either way, I'm having one helluva lot of fun!"

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