Mike Deodato sketches Rogue

[Rogue]What happens when Mike Deodato has nothing to do and gets a bit bored? He sketches black and white pinups featuring fan favorite characters.

Today Deodato posted a pointer to his latest sketch on CBR's X-Books Message Board. We'll let Mike describe it for you:

"Here's another illustration from Mike Deodato's now-famous series 'somebody-at-Marvel-please-give-this-guy-the-rest-of-Witches-script-otherwise-he-won't-stop-bothering-the-hell-out-of-us-with-these-incredibly-annoying-pinups!!' This time: ROGUE."

This latest pinup featuring the X-member Rogue joins previous pinups featuring Batman and The X-Men.

You can see more of Deodato's work coming this October in the pages of "Witches" from Marvel Comics.

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