Mike Baron on the Fort Collins Comic Collective

Mike Baron is an award-winning comic book writer who I'm sure most of you are familiar with, especially for his work on Nexus with artist Steve Rude. Mike has a website called Bloody Red Baron that you can check out that includes "history of books, the characters, the Mike Baron Forum, and Links to other sites of interest, mostly Mike's crackpot friends."

Mike's guest entry discusses the Fort Collins Comic Collective, which Mike describes as including "writers Pete Brandvold and Mike Baron, and artists Nick Runge, Gabe Eltaeb, Sam Sala, Randy Yeates, and Scott Bieser, who lives in nearby Cheyenne and doesn't know he's a member."



When I moved out here I started looking for artists, as I always do. Nick Runge had two paintings in a downtown gallery of undersea creatures: squids and sharks. They just popped. The color, the line reminded me of Frazetta. I sought Nick out. He was working in the kitchen of an institutional facility washing dishes. He'd never thought about drawing comics. He went home from our initial meeting and threw together a comic page based on The Last Samurai. I could tell right away he had the stuff.

Nick and I are about to dive into Obsidian, a heroic fantasy I created with Nick in mind. We have a publisher, a big new publisher, but since they haven't made their announcement I can't tell you the name. I don't even know the name. Look for an announcement in November.

Pete Brandvold sat across from me during my first Poudre Valley Authors' Day. We hit it off and became friends. (Poudre Valley Authors' Day was a humbling experience. I was thrilled to be invited. Then I learned how many authors had been invited. Six hundred.) Pete began work on a Rogue Lawman comic with artist Jeremy Delagarza, but Jeremy took a job-in Milwaukee!-and shipped out. Enter Gabe Eltaeb. Gabe and I have just finished a five issue run of The Hook on www.bigheadpress.com. The Hook will appear as a paper book.

Pete began pitching DC. He is now writing a five-issue retelling of Bat Lash, with the approval and input of Sergio Aragones, who created the character. Jordi Bernet is the artist.

The large unnamed comic company is also publishing Lord of the High Country, a sweeping historical novel that takes place in the nineteenth century. Val Mayerik is the artist. Those of you who don't know about Val are about to be stunned. He's one of those rare comic book artists who keep on improving.

Three years ago Sam Sala, Randy Yeates and I began work on a comic strip called "Noizy Planet." "The Zebulons of Zub have established a listening post to monitor the noisiest planet in the galaxy." Shopped that sucker coast to coast. Not a nibble. Couple weeks ago Randy calls me up. He has sold the comic to The Chronicle, a new weekly.

Nexus will appear before next year's San Diego Convention. The script I originally wrote, which I posted on my website, is not as good as the script Dude forced me to write. O do not tell him. For he will crow 'til time immemorial. It wasn't that the first script wasn't good. It was just a stand-alone story with no further implications. Dude browbeat me into writing something much bigger. For further information, go over to www.steverude.com and sign up for the newsletter.

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