Mike Allred returns to 'Madman' in July

Official Press Release

At long last, Oni Press is proud to announce Mike Allred's return to his signature character, Frank Einstein, a.k.a. the Madman of Snap City! July will see the release of the MADMAN SUPER-GROOVY KING-SIZE SPECIAL, a 56-page, squarebound, full-color one-shot. The bulk of the book will be a brand-new, full-length story written and drawn by Allred. The rest of the book will be rounded out by unique takes on the characters by three artists hand-picked by Allred himself-Daniel Krall (ONE PLUS ONE), Nick Derington (PAPER MUSEUM, X-MEN UNLIMITED), and Steven Weissman (YIKES!, WHITE FLOWER DAY).

"It's always the first question out of any fan's mouth," Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack said. "'When is Mike going to do more Madman?' They always say they love THE ATOMICS and X-STATIX, but they want more Frank Einstein. Now they can scoot their chair up to the table and prepare to feast!"

"Madman is my baby boy," Allred said. "I can't go too long without seeing him. Since the next big Madman miniseries is taking longer than expected, I decided I needed to do something to give him some exercise. A cool annual like the old DC books, with lots of extra, out-of-continuity stories, seemed like a good way to go."

In typical Madman style, the off-center hero gets caught up in a mental brawl between two scientists-one slightly madder than the other-that also involves a strange swamp monster and a few perils of the heart.

"Mike has a sense of heroism and romance that is unparalleled in any entertainment medium," Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich said. "This SPECIAL has all the classic elements that made people go cuckoo for Madman in the first place."

"It's been almost a tradition with Madman that I open it up for other artists to interpret the character," Allred explained. "The entire MADMAN PICTURE EXHIBITION is testament to that. In this case, Jamie and I talked about a lot of different people. Our mandate for the three guys who we ended up asking was that these stories would be their personal approach to the character. I didn't want them just telling a story I'd tell. You don't ask these guys to do anything but what they do best."

"It's a joy," Rich said, "because all three of these guys are folks I am a real fan of. Nick Derington's shorts in PAPER MUSEUM were a lot of fun, and his collaboration with Mike on the X-STATIX Beatles story was just spectacular. Working with Daniel Krall on ONE PLUS ONE has been a rich, rewarding experience. And I've loved Steven Weissman since he sent me the early YIKES! books about nine years ago, when I first got into the industry. He contributed a few comics to my editorial run on DARK HORSE PRESENTS, and I've been looking forward to working with him again."

"A lot is made about mainstream superhero titles taking a retro approach, or even being fun," Nozemack concluded. "Comics fans are always chasing that classic feeling from days gone by, and they always forget that it's right here, in the pages of MADMAN, from the inkwell of Mike Allred. This book is your reminder."

MADMAN SUPER-GROOVY KING-SIZE SPECIAL is a 56-page, full color trade paperback. It retails for $6.95 and ships to comic book stores on July 9, 2002. The front cover is designed and executed by Mike Allred, along with a back cover illo by Mike & Laura Allred. It has an ISBN code of 1-929998-63-5.

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