Mignola Announces the End of "Hellboy in Hell"

Since the series' inception, Mike Mignola has maintained his "Hellboy in Hell" was a story without a definitive endpoint in mind. When it launched as a 4-issue miniseries in 2012, Mignola told CBR News the title was designed to explore the character without having to hang him on a long-form story, providing readers with one- or two-issue tales of Hellboy wandering around Hell.

Today, however, the end is nigh for the character's underworld adventures. In an interview with Vulture, Mignola announced plans to end the series in early 2016 with "Hellboy in Hell" #10. Further, he has designs on setting his comics illustration work on the backburner for a year and "just do work essentially for myself."

"I was looking at what I had done, and coming off one of the stories I realized, 'Oh, we're further along in some way than I thought we were going to be. We got where we were going a lot faster,'" Mignola told Vulture. "I had some fun stuff lined up that I was going to do, but if I did it, it was just going to soften the impact, it was just going to ramble more than it needed to ramble. I thought, If we're going there, let's just go there now. So, yes, we're wrapping up 'Hellboy in Hell.'"

Fans of Mignola's other big Dark Horse Comics creation need not worry, however. For the time being at least, the B.P.R.D. will continue to face the end of the world. And, despite his plans to take a year off from comics, Mignola will continue to co-plot the adventures of Hellboy's former team.

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